The National Graniteware Society
Graniteware comes in all shapes, colors and sizes…

  • The National Graniteware Society, founded in 1986, is an organization for collectors and true lovers of graniteware (also commonly known as Agate or Enamelware). The organization encourages learning about and understanding graniteware.  It promotes friendship with other collectors of graniteware, and it gives to all members an equal opportunity to participate in new discoveries and general information concerning graniteware.

  • The highlight of NGS is a two-day annual convention beginning on the fourth Friday In July and ending with a Saturday evening banquet.  Educational seminars, a membership consignment auction, business meeting, and other special events are highlights of this annual event.

  • A special commemorative is issued for each convention.  These highly collectible items are available only to NGS members who are registered for, and attend, the convention.

  • The National Graniteware society also publishes two newsletters a year.  Each issue contains a feature article, a section concerning state chapter activities, information about current prices of graniteware, a sell and trade column, and colored photos.

  • State Chapters of the National Graniteware Society are organized in several States including Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. These chapters meet on a regular, flexible, or as needed basis throughout the year.

  • Membership Services and Correspondence, the Annual NGS Membership Form, and the Annual Convention Registration Form should be forwarded directly to our Treasurer at:
                                          National Graniteware Society
                                          c/o Robert A. Wolf, Treasurer
                                          67 Brookwood Drive
                                          Camden, DE 19934
    Official business correspondence should be mailed to our designated registered NGS Agent at:
                                          National Graniteware Society
                                          5817 Timber Creek Road
                                          Cedar Rapids, IA 52411

logo2011-1To learn more, join NGS!

We travel from all over the United States to share our interest in Graniteware and renew friendships that have developed over the years. Besides finding that special Graniteware item, you may win a great door prize at the banquet dinner donated by individuals or state chapters that could reflect geographical area or a grand item for your collection.